Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer


Now let’s take a look at the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer, which is the fourth machine in our elliptical trainer reviews. No doubt that this is going to make heads turn. Not only does it look totally well-designed, it also has a very competitive price that will really make it worth considering. But what about the performance? Can much be expected from something so affordable? Let’s see what the real score is on this one. This might just be your lucky day.

Step Into A Great Workout

The Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer will give you second thoughts if you think that elliptical trainers are far too expensive for you to purchase. Not only is it affordable, it provides unexpected high-quality performance as well. We say unexpected as it is one of the elliptical machines that can really boast of a performance that can really make you sweat without losing stability. It is electricity free, and it’s also compact.

The Body Rider doesn’t just work the lower body, it gives the same amount of tough exercise to the upper body as well, working your arms as you go. It has zero impact on the knees as well as other joints that often bare the stress while walking/jogging/running. It has a fan wheel that runs smoothly & quietly. The friction belt tension control knob only needs to be adjusted so you can choose which workout resistance level would work for you best. It’s simple, easy, and worth purchasing. Highly recommended.

Features And Specifications

Here are the features that the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer has to offer:

  • This machine has a patented elliptical motion design
  • It has a fan wheel which is Chain driven so it can run smoothly & quietly.
  • It also has dual-action handlebars to give your upper body the workout that it needs and deserves.
  • Also comes with a workout video
  • By adjusting the friction knob, you can easily adjust the machine’s resistance level for a more customized workout.
  • It has a multi-function console and level monitor to show the distance, time, speed, as well as the calories burned
  • Weighs 58.6 lbs.
  • Measures 39” by 25” by 9”

Customer Reviews

Check out what these people have to say about the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

“I never had success in looking for the perfect elliptical machine. They were either too big,  too bulky, or way too expensive. My husbanf bought the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer  for me a month ago and I love it. It’s rock solid. I am very pleased. The readout is simple. It oeprates qiuetly. I would totally recommend it to anyone.” – Jessica

“I use the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer everyday, for fifteen minutes each day and I love how it feels when I’m using it. I’ve had NO problems with it. I’m 5’11” & I wear size 11 shoes yet I still feel comfortable. It is worth every penny.” – Stan

We Recommend the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer if you want a machine that is heavy on the performance, not the price.

Where To Buy The Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

You may buy the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer on selected sports and outdoor stores nationwide. For a quick and hassle free purchase, you may also look it up online. To get great deals and offers, please feel free to visit amazon.com.


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The Body Rider Fan truly deserves to be included in our elliptical trainer reviews. Itjust proves that not everything that has a cheap price, has cheap performance. Bravo!

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